In the new, wise world of the future . . .

children will study the history of fossil fuels in first grade. You mean they used to blow the tops off of mountains? For . . . what’s that black stuff again? Oh, coal! Yeah, that’s how they made energy. 

And then all that carbon started clogging up the atmosphere. Duh! 

One kid asks the teacher, “Why didn’t they just use the wind and sun like we do now?”


Good question!

Despite the opposition of the fossil fuels industries, we’ve made a lot of progress with renewable energy. And not a moment too soon. Climate change could be a catastrophe for the entire world.

The switch to clean, renewable energy is inevitable. But let’s not wait on the fossil fuels barons to squeeze every last drop out of our planet before they get serious about renewable energy. The damage they’re doing threatens our very future. Let’s speed things up here.

YOU can help make the conversion to the energy of the future.

You can put solar panels on your roof, of course, and check out all of the other renewable energy options. But you can also demand clean energy even if you’re not in a position to make it yourself.

Demand it as a consumer!   Demand it as a voter!




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