Nanny Liberal Paradise

Supposedly, our latest president believes that climate change is a hoax. Invented by the Chinese. That last detail adds a little extra gloss of absurdity. Not that any was needed. At first I believed him. Or rather, I believed that Trump believes that 97% of the climate scientists of the world are either incompetent or united in some kind of sinister conspiracy.

Some of us incurably reasonable people have asked ourselves what the purpose of this conspiracy could possibly be. It must have something to do with one world government. A lot of extreme right wingers are very big on the plot to bring about one world government. Once fossil fuels have been deposed, the way will somehow be clear for a worldwide, nanny, liberal dictatorship. In addition to mandatory peace and love, it will be illegal to smoke, no super-sized soft drinks allowed, recycling would be compulsory, no cars, even grannies would have to ride a bike, no lawns, just native plants, everyone would be force fed a vegetarian diet, and the country would be taken over by gay immigrants. And the taxes–oh my God!

I think Trump is lying when he disavows climate change. I think most of the skeptics in positions of wealth and power are lying when they say they don’t believe in climate change. Or that human behavior has nothing to do with it.

So what is their agenda? Why don’t they believe it’s worthwhile to combat climate change? Okay, here is my personal theory, but I should issue a trigger warning first. My opinion is deeply cynical. Dark. A one on the 1 – 10 scale of Low Expectations of Fellow Human Beings.

First of all, do you think it’s a coincidence that these deniers are all filthy rich? They have made lots of money from business as usual, based on fossil fuels. They don’t want to learn any new tricks. Like hamsters, they want to keep whacking the same button that has delivered the good life thus so far. Kind of pathetic, right? We almost feel sorry for them. Poor guys. How are they and their progeny going to deal with all the instability and disasters stemming from the wild card of climate change?

Well, guess what. They’ll manage better than the rest of us. With their millions and billions they will buy the best of everything for their gated communities, air-conditioned and on high ground. All their food will be grown indoors under artificially controlled climate conditions. They will have the best of whatever the planet can still offer. And they’ll have private armies to protect them from the growing hordes of have-nots.

Where will they get the energy to run their protected havens after the earth has finally been squeezed dry of its last drops of oil? Easy! Solar power! Wind power! Oh, then there will be lots and lots of renewable energy.

I know what you’re thinking. What happened to that nice climate change columnist? I think she snapped. It was bound to happen.

The conversion to clean energy is inevitable. It will either happen before the fossil fuel barons gouge their last profits out of the earth, or it will happen afterward. The only question is how much damage will our planet sustain. Progress has been so slow. They made sure of that. If Trump has his way, we will arrive at the clean energy future even later. How much will we lose of the beautiful, complex life that surrounds us? How much will the have-nots suffer?


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