Strike a blow against dupidity

Down with small, single-use water bottles! If you must store water in plastic bottles–and some people must–use the gallon size or three gallon size. Dispense water from the large jug into the smaller, re-usable bottles you carry around with you to stave off dehydration.

30 billion plastic water bottles are made each year just in the United States. 30 billion! Producing them costs 2,000 times the amount of energy it takes to produce the water inside of them.

I can just imagine the glee filling the capitalistic halls when they realized they could fill plastic bottles with plain water—oh excuse me, I mean sparkling spring water, magic aquifer water, babbling brook water— slap a pretty label on it, and people would actually buy them in mass quantities!

Next thing you know, they’ll sell us the empty bottles with labels that say Sacred Air or Himalayan Wind. We’ll inhale them.

How to acquire your very own glass water bottle: treat yourself to one of those fancy beverages that come in 12 or 16 oz. glass bottles. Wash the bottle when you’re finished, and fill it from the tap. Use it until you lose it.

This one simple move greatly reduces plastic waste, fossil fuels consumption AND dupidity.  To combat climate change we must stop being such dupes.

Martha’s special dispensation: if you forgot your glass or stainless steel water bottle at home, and you’re thirsty, then by all means buy a stupid plastic bottle of water!



One thought on “Strike a blow against dupidity

  1. Why do some manufacturers of the “small” plastic bottles tell you not to refill them? Is it just capitalist greed, or is there some kind of chemical that actually does get released into the bottle after you open it? And if that is the case, should you be drinking the water in the first place?

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