You Need How Much Protein?

Protein needs vary. If you’re reasonably healthy, I encourage you to experiment. Try eating a low amount of protein–eat mostly or all vegan–and see how you feel after a few months.

Vegans love to tell you that all foods have protein. So much protein, in fact, that it’s almost impossible not to get enough protein if you’re getting enough calories (barring diets of nothing but fruit or junk food). Well, that is not how it feels to me.

Both cheese and eggs are tied to the livestock industry. Cheese has the third highest carbon emissions of any food because it comes from cows. I’d been a vegetarian for ten years when I faced those facts and realized that I’d have to become a vegan in order to have an impact, environmentally or morally. I already was concerned about getting enough protein even though I was eating cheese and eggs. So I reverted to eating meat.

But that’s me.

I experiment with my diet all the time, and I would like to eat less animal foods for the good of the planet. So I am currently experimenting with my diet to discover the minimum level of protein I need to be healthy. Why eat more than you need?

Unless, of course, you want to look like these guys.
Unless, of course, you want to look like these guys.




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