Less Energy for Cooking

What is the most energy-efficient way to cook your food? Gas range or electric? I say gas!

Surprisingly, I found only lukewarm support on the internet for my obvious rightness. I mean c’mon, it just stands to reason. Your utility company makes electricity by burning something–probably gas or coal–and then you convert the electricity back into heat at your house. Why not eliminate the middle man and cook on a little gas fire? It’s way more direct.gas burner

I found much more proof that gas ovens use less energy than electric ovens–a little less than half. A big difference. So I’d be surprised if that difference didn’t also apply to the burners.

Of course, for both gas and electric stoves, ovens take more energy than cooking on the top.

Okay, we cook on whatever kind of stove we have, so cut down on energy use by using common sense. Don’t put a small pot on a large burner, and do put lids on pots of food whenever feasible.

When you cook something, cook a lot of it. It takes less energy (and time, another precious resource!) to heat up leftovers than to cook new dishes from scratch.

crockpotA crockpot is an energy saver. But microwaves save even more. They are the most energy efficient means of cooking–if you can call it cooking.

Just saying!






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