Two bloody cups of tea

Oh my poor tongue! How many times have I clamped down on it after a friend has invited me to have a cup of tea!

For some reason this benign invitation requires filling the teakettle to the brim–about three times the amount of necessary hot water for two cups of tea. We wait for the water to finally boil, and then two thirds of it turn cold again while we have our cup of tea.

The few times I’ve been obnoxious enough to inquire why the entire tea kettle must be filled and boiled for two bloody cups of tea, the answer is vaguely about what if one of us wants a refill? God forbid we should have to wait a few minutes. Then I point out that the waiting already occurred—just at the beginning of the process—so why not wait for two cups of water to boil later on if we need a refill.

Of course, we rarely have a second cup of tea—especially after the conversation about ratio of boiling water to desired amount of tea.



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