Welcome to the Machines

Electronic apparatuses have the bad habit these days of always being on. Even if you turn them off, they’re not entirely off. That little cyclopean light proclaims, “Here I am, just waiting for you!” They’re like overly zealous servants who never sleep. Aw, how sweet, you might think, except that those glowing lights use energy. This around-the clock light show is a total waste of energy because it serves no purpose except maybe when you’re on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

led night lightA little nightlight, strategically placed, should use less energy than all that “standby” consumption. If you really want to attain energy efficiency, keep a flashlight at your bedside instead of burning a night light all night long. If that flashlight was the solar-powered kind that you charge during the day on a windowsill, you would really get a eagle badge for energy conservation.

Besides, why should your living space glow like a casino? Calm it down. Plug electronics into power strips, and then turn them OFF! Especially your computer! Especially your TV! Outwit those energy suckers.

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