No Matter What You Drive

Okay, you can’t afford a fancy electric car! Neither can I! You can still save gas and reduce emissions by cultivating good driving habits.

The push pins are optional.

Be smart. Plan. Use a calendar and a telephone book to plan appointments and errands. Maybe even a map. Organize your errands geographically. Are you going to have dinner with friends ten miles away? Use that trip. Do errands on the way there. Organizing saves not only energy but also time. Even if they made cars that ran on pure desire, you might want to save your time.

Wait until you have a list of several things before you rush off in pursuit. Introducing a little delay into your gratification doesn’t just build character but also enhances enjoyment. Visit for verification!

If you’re cooking dinner, and you’re missing an ingredient, improvise! Substitute! Or just plain omit! Think of our frontier-dwelling ancestors. Did they scurry to Safeway whenever they ran out of Cheerios?


When you drive, make decisions that increase your fuel efficiency. Here is an astounding number of tips for how to do that. Far be it from me to advise anyone treat stop signs like yield signs, but it does seem a pity to waste all that momentum when no one is coming. Just saying!



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