How to demand clean energy

 What language does the fossil fuels industry understand?


How do you say “I want clean energy” in Wallet-ese?

You reduce your demand for dirty energy. As long as we continue to consume the same amount of conventional energy, the milkers of the status quo will continue to dish it up.

Can I use less energy without giving up my good life?  american-graffiti

Americans use about 12,000 watts per day. Europeans, who have a comparable standard of living, average about half of that. Clearly, using less energy is feasible for Americans.

But what would that actually accomplish?

Reducing our demand for dirty energy would accomplish three goals.

1) Send a strong message to the utility companies and fossil fuels industries: We’re ready. Take us to the clean energy future!

2) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3) Make our energy needs easier to fill with clean, renewable energy.

Okay, now what?

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