Got a climate-change skeptic on your hands?

If you find yourself in a conversation with a climate change skeptic and you want to challenge his or her well armored position, here are a few pointers.

Unless you yourself are a scientist, don’t try to sound like one. Many skeptics are fond of statements like radiative theory is bogus. Candidly admit that you don’t understand what that means. However, you think it’s safest to put your trust in climatologists, who have actually studied the climate.

When they tell you that a lot of scientists are skeptics, say in a firm voice, “climatologists, not meteorologists or geologists or podiatrists.”

When they say that the computer models are flawed, exclaim fervently, “I sure hope so! But to be on the safe side, we should prepare for worst case scenarios.” Mildly point out that converting to clean renewable energy is simply a good idea–and the safest one–in many ways.

When they say the government is covertly trying to bring down fossil fuels, ask how that jibes with a history of subsidizing fossil fuels. Not to mention promising absolutely nothing at climate conferences from Kyoto to Copenhagen, and opening the coasts for drilling.

Senator Inhofe brandishing a snowball.
Senator Inhofe proving that he knows more than those overly educated scientists

When they hint darkly that it’s all about one world government–Obama wants to be dictator ofthe world–you might want to start walking slowly backwards while nodding thoughtfully.

Don’t run. Don’t betray your fear.







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