Get used to contradiction

Our entire way of life is built on the premise of easy, cheap energy, and it’s not going to change overnight. For instance, you can figure out how to save gas by organizing your errands better, and just when you’re congratulating yourself, a friend asks you to feed her cat while she’s out of town. She lives fourteen miles away!

Can’t she get someone who lives closer? No, she can’t!

Or here’s a classic. Years ago, Helen Caldicott, famous environmentalist and nuclear energy critic, attended a conference in San Francisco about climate change. She flew, and no, she does not have wings. Oh, the chortles about her carbon footprint coming from so many people who considered themselves connoisseurs of “irony”!

How was she supposed to get there from Australia? Canoe?

God's attempt to stop climate change.
God’s attempt to stop climate change.

Unless a huge asteroid destroys the earth, everything is not going to change all at once. Your energy-saving techniques are going to be surrounded by energy uses you can’t control or change just yet. So don’t use inconsistency as an excuse to not try.

I know people who dismiss the entire idea of burning less gas. Why? Because they can’t do without their cars; ergo, they might as well just drive without thinking about it.



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