Policy is a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, political party, business, or individual.

Policy matters don’t have a lot of fans. Policies can be obscure and seemingly unworkable. But there is good, implemented policy and pretty good up-and-coming policy. That’s the interesting stuff. Writing policy has to be both excrutiating and wondrous. Excrutiating because writing is often that way, but also because so much background, so many ideas have to be read and absorbed and sifted.

Wondrous because of its promise. A new societal lifestyle can be born of policy.

from Stuff.co.nz:

‘It can be argued that the primary business of democratic government is the development and implementation of good policy and the optimal allocation of resources to support those policy decisions.

“Good” policy has the desired effects and, where possible, does not have unanticipated secondary effects. A key factor in making good policy is the use of high- quality evidence about the issues in question so as to define or resolve the range of options available to the policymaker.

Bad policy can emerge when the evidence is ignored or compromised – indeed it is clear that such a disconnect lay at the core of the social, economic and political consequences of the mad-cow disease epidemic in Britain. In every jurisdiction there are social intervention problems that are continued because there is no substantive evidence as to either their effect or lack of effect.’





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