Goodness comes from a world of efforts


Both Martha and I live in California. Right now the executive and legislative branches are controlled by Democrats. Back in 2002 we had a Republican governor and he signed SB 1078. I couldn’t find out how many Republicans voted for this bill, so I’m going to speculate none of them did. Schwarzenegger was a strangely closeted Democrat, and he signed it.

SB 1078 put a Renewable Portolio Standard (RPS) into law.

An RPS is a regulation that requires the increased production of energy from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal.

The California Renewables Portfolio Standard was further accelerated in 2006 under Senate Bill 107 and expanded in 2011 under Senate Bill 2. The RPS program requires investor-owned utilities, electric service providers, and community choice aggregators (local energy providers) to increase energy obtained from eligible renewable energy resources to 33% of total procurement by 2020.

Truth be told, and we will see this play out, the state has crafted an energy policy that carries urgency and is a call to action for producers and consumers.

But it is policy. It can be like the effect of a dry itch or a droning little fly when you’re trying to fall asleep. And policy does put people to sleep.

This is an example of very strong policy driving its far-reaching implementation. It is working very well right now, beyond people’s expectations.