Portals 1

Portal: ‘a large or magnificent door or gate’ Merriam-Webster Dictionary for Kids

Most of us think about the future, which may not be a good thing. Several lines on my face are an effect of my obsessive focus on the future as well as the past! There’s no resolving things that are gone and things that haven’t happened. On the other hand, if you take advantage of your curiosity you may find workable paths to problem-solving today.

Curiosity is a good thing to have. It’s a portal-crosser. Maybe it’s a portal in itself. It will move a curious person into a land of straightforward, doable possibilities. So great is the need that the potential is enormous, just enormous.

How to enable our curiosity about the future? My confidence in curiosity has grown in large part because it has moved me away from constantly made-up story lines that aren’t very original and wear a rut in my synaptic paths.

There is a doomer mind frame. I think it’s an example of the future-tripping thing. We do need to get off our asses and do what we can. We can all do many somethings. We should do things in concert so as to create synergistic effectiveness.

Anyway, I have never been a good activist. I set out to be that way, but then I temporarily married an uncurious person and temporarily became a fundamentalist. But now I’m in the fray.

We have some majestic, yet poorly implemented systems. Our federal government has been hijacked by confused folks. And there’s greed-driven corruption in places I never thought to look before. And great self-delusion, and the “god is on my side” mantra. They are all fellow peas in a pod. Collectively they are screwing the earth. Today.