Harbor Freight Emissions

Harbor Freight Emissions

“I’m productive. I make something. I make a difference in the world. But to be honest, China can make it cheaper.”
” ― author Jarod Kintz

So, can the Chinese be remotely interested in environmental husbandry? As a philosophy and driving force, is it something they could be involved with?

Since the late ‘80s carbon emissions in China have risen exponentially. Graphically it’s almost a straight line up. That is scary. Forget Chinese environmental husbandry. All the environmental husbandry people are in jail.

China managed to switch from straight-line communist doctrine to some sort of capitalism in record time. There is still central control but the move to capitalistic industrialization has been the responsibility and work of the private sector, sez the government.

And I thought the Chinese government financed the great industrialization. I don’t know why I think things like that.

China has a “menacing regulatory apparatus”, sez The Economist. The  government “summarily appoints Communists party members as business owners”.

I’m sure the government does a lot of things summarily. For Chinese business owners summarily doesn’t really apply to their treatment anymore. Now, they get to decide if they want to join the Party and latch onto the teat of government support.

“In China, nothing is more important than government support! What makes them great businessmen? 

On the one hand, they are smart, hardworking and far-sighted; on the other, government support makes all their traits count!

-Chinese blogger Professor Bin Luo

OK, dude. Two sides of one coin. Government support! And I like it that traits count!

I don’t exactly not get China. But I am vaguely unmoored trying to write about the country, and rightly so. I know so little of China.

“Living in China has made me appreciate my own country, with its tiny, ethnically diverse population of unassuming donut-eaters.”

Jan Wong, Red China Blues: My Long March From Mao to Now

Well then … there’s Jack Ma. The communist Jack Ma. He began Alibaba in 1999 and the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014. Alibaba is an e-commerce juggernaut. It’s a  business to business site for Chinese goods that is just huge. 

The format is Amazonish. Alibaba’s own little twist are company videos and pictures packed side-by-side with the product description.

I recently decided to check it out. Whoa, very spiffy. I went to the site a couple of years ago and it was pretty … Chinese. Now, it’s pretty … white.  So I typed in ‘condom’ and got 57,429 results. The first listed product is manufactured by the China Tianjin Recare Co., Ltd., 1000 piece minimum order. I watched a video on condom production. There are lots and lots of upright tubes on a conveyor belt and sanitized women de-tube the finished condoms and throw ‘em in a huge bin. Makes sense to me. I typed in ‘dildo’ and got 84,206 results. The first listed product is manufactured by the Ninghai County Jimeite Electronics Company. $4-7, 100 piece minimum. Their video didn’t work.

But the effect of this whacky industrialization is not funny. They are currently spewing out 9 billion metric tons of carbon emissions a year. They’re spewing out theirs faster than we’re decreasing ours. The agreement with the US is to “peak” carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. That means their emissions won’t go up after 2030.

My two year old grandson will be 17 in 2030.

“Draining a pond to catch fish is no formula for sustainable development.” – Chinese President Xi Jinping

Well, I like the Confucian sentiment.

Next month, more on their actual sustainable energy policy.